26th January 2022

To mark the publication of a new book entitled “Time for a European Federation”, the Federal Trust organised a webinar with the author, Yannis Karamitsios, presenting the book’s argument.


Yannis Karamitsios is a legal adviser to the European Commission. His book “Time for a European Federation” was published in December 2021 by Peter Lang. The preface is written by the former President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.


A response will be given by Professor Colin Talbot, Emeritus Professor of Government at the University of Manchester and a Senior Research Fellow of the Federal Trust.


The book makes the case for the creation of a European federal state that would succeed the EU, its member states and other European nations, while retaining their competences on issues of national character. It starts with the reasons why such a move would be necessary to address the current challenges of globalisation, climate change and the fourth industrial revolution. It makes proposals for the institutions of that state, its fiscal and economic policies, its defence and diplomacy and its social policies. It also discusses the Union’s strategic objectives in such areas as immigration, demography, agriculture, new technologies, industry and clean energy.

Yannis Karamitsios believes the timing is right for such a publication. This is the period of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the integration of many new European policies thanks to the pandemic, and the support of the federalist idea by the new German government.