The Federal Trust is a research institute studying the interactions between regional, national, European and global levels of government. Founded in 1945 on the initiative of Sir William Beveridge, it has long made a powerful contribution to the study of federalism and federal systems. It has always had a particular interest in the European Union and Britain’s place in it.

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Cliff edge or capitulation? The options for EU-UK trade negotiations
by Dr Andrew Blick, 13th March 2020

Because we are Europeans
by Roger Casale, 13th March 2020

The view from Brussels of the EU-UK negotiations: a total illusion of “independence”
by Graham Bishop, 9th March 2020

Appeasing Brexiteers
by Dr Andrew Black, 26th February 2020

Brexit: The British government starts to recognise reality
by Brendan Donnelly, 14th February 2020

Negotiating with a bloc seven times your size: Clash No 1 – Financial Services
by Graham Bishop, 14th February 2020

Anti-federalist Europeanism: a theoretical and practical impossibility?
by Dr Andrew Blick, 14th February 2020



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