The Federal Trust regularly holds Workshops, Seminars and larger conferences on a number of issues related to UK, Europe and Global Governance. These events are generally held in central London and are usually open to any one who is interested.

Forthcoming Events

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Some of our events are part of a series, examing different aspects of a particular problem. For instance over four months in 2011-12 we held a series of conferences in conjunction with the Global Policy Institute and co-funded by the European Commission in London. These conferences looked at how the Coalition government’s European policy in its second year was standing up to growing strains. This series of conferences was in itself a follow-up to a previous series analysing the European policies of the Coalition during its first 12 months in office, and which led to the publication of our report ‘The Coalition and Europe – After the Honeymoon’.

We work with other academic institutions besides GPI, for instance the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, LISBOAN and TEPSA, to provide a varied diet of speakers and topics within our overall remit.

Other events are stand-alone: to launch the result of a working party’s deliberations or celebrate the publication of a new book or paper. We have hosted visiting academics from UK and overseas institutions and Members of both the UK Parliament and the European Parliament.

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