25 02, 2019

Parliament on the brink of Brexit: meaningful or meaningless?

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by Dr Andrew BlickSenior Lecturer in Politics and Contemporary History at King’s College London; Senior Research Fellow at the Federal Trust 26th February 2019 It is an irony frequently remarked upon that the Brexit process, though embarked upon partly in the name of the sovereignty of Parliament, has seen this institution [...]

20 02, 2019

Parliamentary Control of Brexit is Easier Said Than Done

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by Brendan DonnellyDirector, The Federal Trust 20th February 2019 A frequent criticism of the Prime Minister is that she prematurely triggered the Article 50 negotiations in March 2017 and did so without a realistic plan for their conduct. If she had waited longer and planned better, her critics contend, she [...]

18 05, 2018

Brexit: A “meaningful” vote for MPs implies a “meaningful” vote for the people

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by Brendan Donnelly, Director, The Federal Trust 18th May 2018   The Conservative Cabinet has spent the past month in public controversy about the customs regime to be applied on the island of Ireland after Brexit. It is widely recognised that neither of the two favoured solutions canvassed within the [...]

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