19 03, 2020

The EU’s Fiscal Criteria: Debit, Deficit and Currency Questions

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by David GowEditor of Sceptical.scot, Senior Adviser at Social Europe and Senior Adviser at Acumen Public Affairs. He is former European Business Editor of The Guardian and worked for The Scotsman and London Weekend Television. 17th March 2020 This article was first published by Scottish Centre on European Relations Introduction Such is the binary nature of political [...]

14 02, 2020

Scotland’s Shifting Politics in the Face of Brexit

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by Dr Kirsty HughesDirector, Scottish Centre on European Relations 12th February 2019 Brexit day has come and gone. There were Saltires, EU flags and crowds at the Scottish parliament. But while everything changed as the UK left the EU, is it, for now, the case that nothing has changed in [...]

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