21st October 2023


Joint Conference by The Federal Trust and James Madison Charitable Trust

The next decade is likely to see significant widening and deepening of the Union. Whether because of Brexit or because of external events, rapid reform for the EU, its policies and its institutions is the order of the day in Brussels. The Federal Trust and James Madison Charitable Trust jointly organised this one-day conference to consider what a reformed European Union will look like in 2033.

The agenda of the conference revolved around four central topics, the EU as a geopolitical actor, the EU’s economic future, the EU’s democratic legitimacy and the EU’s environmental policies. Expert speakers were leading discussion of these topics in separate sessions, during which there was ample time for the audience to contribute its views and questions. The conference’s aim was not to predict in detail the EU’s future development. It sought rather to analyse the challenges and options that decision-makers in the EU will face in the coming years.

PROGRAMME (Click for PDF version)

Welcome and Opening: What will the EU look like in 2033?

  • Brendan Donnelly, The Federal Trust
  • David Grace, James Madison Charitable Trust

* * *

Soft power and hard power of the EU in 2033

  • John Stevens, The Federal Trust
  • Mary Dejevksy, Journalist, writer and broadcaster

* * *

It’s the Economy, stupid

  • Graham Bishop, Consultant on EU financial integration, Founder of grahambishop.com
  • Professor Rosa Lastra, Queen Mary University of London

* * *
Democratic challenges for the EU

  • Professor Julie Smith, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Andrew Blick, King’s College London

* * *

Environmental challenges for the EU

  • Professor Molly Scott Cato, University of Roehampton
  • Response by David Grace, James Madison Charitable Trust

* * *

Concluding remarks

  • Andrew Duff, Academic Fellow, EPC; Former MEP