At this webinar on 21st July 2021, Dr Michael Lloyd, Associate Director and Senior Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute, discussed the findings and proposals contained in his recently published book “British Business Banking – The Failure of Finance Provision for SMEs”, published in April 2021 by Agenda Publishing.

The book explores not only how the formation of British banking structures during the industrial revolution produced such a relatively risk-averse structure compared to other European countries and in the United States, but also why this risk-averse business banking attitude has persisted to the present day. The book recommends a suite of changes necessary for British banks to provide a more balanced mix of financial provision to SMEs.

Watch the discussion here:

Michael Lloyd is a Senior Research Fellow at the international affairs think tank, the Global Policy Institute, and a visiting fellow at Newcastle University. His books include The Euro and the UK (2009) and Federal Central Banks (coauthor) (2018).

Professor Chris Dixon is Director of the Global Policy Institute.