14th December 2021

The 20th century saw governmental expenditure in the developed world grow from about 10% of GDP to somewhere between a third and half of GDP.  Now the pandemic, the climate crisis and ageing populations are creating the conditions for a fresh expansion. Or are they?

At this webinar, our Senior Research Fellow Professor Colin  Talbot discussed the “Goldilocks Government framework,” an analysis to try to understand what has, and what might, happen to the size of Governments over the long term. This well-established framework seems increasingly relevant for policy and political debates about the future of liberal-social democratic capitalist societies.

Watch the webinar here:


About the speaker:

Professor Colin Talbot is Emeritus Professor of Government at the University of Manchester and a research affiliate at the University of Cambridge. He has extensive experience of researching, advising, consulting and teaching about Government and public services at all levels. In the UK he has worked with the Westminster, Scottish and Northern Ireland governments and legislatures and has advised several Select Committees as well as the National Audit Office. He’s advised many other governments internationally – including the US, Canadian, Japanese, Australian, French, Mexican, and others. His main research work has been on strategies, structures and performance of the institutions of government and he’s published several books and numerous articles – academic and for more popular audiences.

Twitter: @colinrtalbot

Website: https://red-team.blog/



Dr Andrew Black, Associate Director, Global Policy Institute; Senior Research Fellow, Brunel Business School