With Nicola Sturgeon having recently addressed the Scottish Parliament about her plans for a second independence referendum, and the Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales, established by the Welsh Government, currently considering options for fundamental reform of the UK’s constitutional structures, the four nations of these isles are potentially approaching a crossroads of sorts in their shared journey.
In this developing context, Glyndwr Cennydd Jones discusses the strategic need to explore some form of broad, constitutional compromise with our Director Brendan Donnelly on this new video. He argues for an approach which embraces the concerns of both unionists and nationalists going forward, and moves away from a ‘winner takes all’ answer to the constitutional challenges ahead.
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Glyndwr Cennydd Jones is an advocate for a UK-wide constitutional convention. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Welsh Affairs. His recent booklet A League-Union of the Isles is available as e-book or as an easily printable pdf version.
You can also read an article setting out these ideas here:
by Glyndwr Cennydd Jones
27th July 2022