Our Council member Graham Bishop provides an update on the Brexit ‘hit’ to the City of London, following his recent and well-received blog and video conversation with the Director of the Federal Trust, Brendan Donnelly, on “Brexit: Ending the City’s Dominance of European Finance?”.

In this April video update, he discusses:

  • Equity, derivatives, bonds
  • Equivalence – already in the dustbin of history?
  • The famous MoU – does it achieve anything significant?
  • English law and securities – remarkably boring but may turn out to be vital
  • ‘Kind strangers’ needed to fund the biggest (even before the Brexit hit!) current account deficit amongst major countries.


Brexit: Ending the City’s Dominance of European Finance?
Blog by Graham Bishop, 12th February 2021

Video Conversation with Brendan Donnelly , 19th February 2021
Graham Bishop is an independent consultant on European political, financial, economic and budgetary integration as well as the founder of grahambishop.com. He is also a member of the Council of the Federal Trust and, he says, a ‘dedicated Europhile’. He has been a fixture in the City since 1972, beginning with Phillips & Drew and ending with Citi, where he was European bond analyst. Graham’s work can be found on his website: grahambishop.com