In its monthly press review, the Federal Trust highlights some of the main events and developments of the preceding month across the European Union in the areas of ‘Monetary and Fiscal Policy’, ‘The Economy’, ‘Security and Defence’, ‘Technology and the Green New Deal’, ‘Politics’, ‘EU-UK Relations’ and ‘The EU Regulatory Agenda’.

Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Digital euro will bring innovation opportunities

Brussels relaunches EU fiscal reform, aims to boost green investments

Sudden departure of Jens Weidmann, the often lonely ECB voice against easy money

The Economy

Can the AI regulation save workers from surveillance capitalism?

New China-Ukraine Direct Train Route Indicative Of Europe’s Changing Geopolitical Dynamics

Security and Defence

German defense minister warns Europeans: Don’t detach from NATO:

EU states want more Belarus sanctions

Technology & Green New Deal

Why Europe’s energy prices are soaring and could get much worse

How Europe’s e-cars risk running out of juice


Knocking on Polexit’s door? 

Hungary’s Orban accuses EU, U.S. of meddling as 2022 election race heats up

EU-UK Relations 

Unpacking the latest NIP proposals

Boris Johnson set to break science funding pledge, officials say