In this recorded session, Professor Jim Gallagher and Glyndwr Cennydd Jones explore the successes and challenges of the devolution arrangements since 1999; the need for change and reform of the UK constitutional landscape; and the opportunities presented by models of federalism and confederalism.

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Jim Gallagher is an honorary professor in the Institute for Constitutional and Legal Research at the University of Saint Andrews, and a visiting professor in the law school at Glasgow University. He was a fellow of Nuffield college, Oxford, and as civil servant was director general for devolution in No10 and the Cabinet Office.

Glyndwr Cennydd Jones is an author and commentator on UK Constitutional issues and an advocate for a UK-wide Convention. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Welsh Affairs and his recent booklet ‘A League-Union of the Isles’ is available here as an e-book or as an easily printable pdf file.