The damaging consequences of Brexit become clearer every day. The longer Brexit continues, the more damage it will do.

In response, the Federal Trust is launching a new project entitled “Brexit Can Be Undone”, looking at ways of rejoining the EU.


Getting Brexit Undone

by Professor Andrew Blick

4th July 2022


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As part of this project, a first article has been published by the lead researcher, Professor Andrew Blick:

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Brexit can be undone. And so it should be.
15th June 2022

by Professor Andrew Blick
Professor of Politics and Contemporary History, King’s College London

You can also watch a video of Professor Blick discussing the project, and how to overcome the trauma of Brexit, with our Director Brendan Donnelly:

or in the player below:

The project and team

At the heart of the project will be a study written by Dr Andrew Blick of King’s College London. This paper will then be discussed by a study group chaired by Professor Blick and the Trust’s Director Brendan Donnelly. The study and its accompanying publicity will provide the intellectual foundation for reversing Brexit. It will provide those leading the political debate with the tools required to make their case for Rejoin. The Federal Trust is not a political body. Its findings will be made available to members of all political parties and none.


A study on how Rejoin can happen

The purpose of the paper will be to explain why rejoining the EU is the correct path for former remainers to advocate; and how it can be made politically viable. It will describe the necessary and beneficial changes in the current UK party system  and culture which can make rejoining the EU possible. It will argue that, if these barriers can be overcome, electoral advantage can be won at a General Election for the participating parties by a united front of anti-Brexit parties on the European issue.

The study will recognise the impossibility of predicting exactly when the UK will rejoin the EU. But it will also stress that when the UK rejoins the EU will depend to a large extent on the willingness of pro-rejoin forces fully to exert themselves. There is a gap in the political market to accommodate the growing number of UK voters who wish to reverse Brexit. It is a dysfunction of our political system  that so little account is currently taken of the European preferences of these voters.

There is no time to lose

Many politicians and commentators recognise the damage being done by Brexit, but can see no possibility of the UK’s rejoining the EU in the foreseeable future. This attitude runs the risk of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The claim that Brexit cannot be reversed for many decades, and perhaps never, risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Federal Trust cannot ensure on its own that the UK will reenter the EU. It can however sustain and nourish an intellectual and political atmosphere in which such rejoining becomes possible.


The Federal Trust is seeking £10000 to support its work on Brexit. This money will be used to finance the above study, study group and accompanying publicity and events.

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