The damaging consequences of Brexit become clearer every day. The longer Brexit continues, the more damage it will do.

In response, the Federal Trust conducted in the first half of 2022 a project entitled “Brexit Can Be Undone”, looking at ways of rejoining the EU.


The final report of this project was published in July and is available here:

Getting Brexit Undone

by Professor Andrew Blick
Professor of Politics and Contemporary History, King’s College London; Senior Research Fellow, The Federal Trust

4th July 2022



On 21st July 2022, we held a webinar at which the report’s author, Professor Andrew Blick of King’s College London, discussed his report. Responding to Professor Blick’s ideas was Denis MacShane, former Labour Minister for Europe.

You can watch Andrew Blick’s talk at the webinar here:

You can watch a recording of the whole webinar here:


In June, Professor Andrew Blick published a blog post as part of the project, which is available on our website:

Brexit image

Brexit can be undone. And so it should be.
15th June 2022

by Professor Andrew Blick
Professor of Politics and Contemporary History, King’s College London



In this video, the lead author of the project, Professor Blick of King’s College London, discusses the project, and how to overcome the trauma of Brexit, with our Director Brendan Donnelly:

or in the player below:

The project and the team

The centrepiece of the project is the Report “Getting Brexit Undone” written by Dr Andrew Blick of King’s College London. This paper was produced under the guidance of the Trust’s Director Brendan Donnelly and the Advisory Council of the Federal Trust.

The study provides those leading the political debate with the tools required to make their case for Rejoin. The Federal Trust is not a political body. Its findings will be made available to members of all political parties and none.



To finance its work on this project, the Federal Trust raised over £5,000 through a crowdfunding campaign.

We receive no public funding for our work and are very grateful for all donations and support received for this project.

The Crowdfunder page has now closed but if you wish to contribute to our work, please click here for ways to donate.

Any donations, large or small, will be received with gratitude. Any donations, large or small, will make a difference.