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17 04, 2020

Things will never be the same again – – how Covid-19 is re-shaping the future of Europe

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by Roger CasaleSecretary General & CEO, New Europeans 15th April 2020 Reproduced with kind permission:Can Europe survive the coronavirus? Roger CasaleOW Magazine,​ 15 April 2020 (Library of Congress: ISSN 2576- 2087) There is an old joke about a census in the USSR. A man was asked where he was born: St Petersburg. [...]

13 03, 2020

Because we are Europeans

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by Roger CasaleFounder and Secretary-General, New Europeans 13th March 2020 If and when the UK re-joins the EU, it will do so not just for transactional reasons but because British people have understood that they are indeed Europeans. […]

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