Since its establishment a central focus of the Federal Trust’s work has been on European studies, ranging from Britain’s relationship to Europe, to promoting democracy and effectiveness in the European Communities and now the European Union. The projects the Trust undertakes fulfil two basic aims: to conduct research on the European dimension of government and to enhance the debate on European integration.

The Trust’s activities to further both its research and informative work include wider programmes of work as well as specific projects which contribute to the Trust’s wider objectives. The Federal Trust regularly undertakes research by convening working groups comprised of policy experts who are examining the specific issues of the EU today.

You will find our latest commentary on Brexit  on our Blog and on the Views from the Federal Trust page.

Recent reports:

Federalism, Parliament, Religion and Monarchy
by Dr Andrew Black, 13th September 2019

Exiting Brexit: The possibilities
by Dr Andrew Blick, 4th December 2018

Hostages to fortune: The unravelling of the Brexit prospectus
By Dr Andrew Blick, November 2018

Hard Brexit: Passport to Nowhere for British Services
by Dr Andrew Black, October 2018

Brexit: Heading to a Deal or No Deal While UK Politics Implodes?
by Kirsty Hughes,18th July 2018

Eurozone Stabilisation Fund: Revisited
by Mark Nevin, April 2018

Hard Brexit and the regions
by Dr Andrew Black, December 2017

Brexit and the European Court of Justice
by Dr Andrew Blick,  December 2017

‘There May be trouble ahead’: Brexit after the election
by Dr Andrew Blick, 26th June 2017

The 2017 General Election: a mandate for Brexit?
by Dr Andrew Blick, 30th May 2017

“Hard Brexit”, International Trade and the WTO Scenario
by Dr Andrew Black, May 2017

Deal or no deal? The Article 50 process in context
by Dr Andrew Blick, 14th March 2017

The EU referendum, devolution and the Union
by Dr Andrew Blick, December 2016

Taking back control? The EU referendum, Parliament and the ‘May Doctrine’
Dr Andrew Blick, October 2016

European Defence Procurement and the Emerging EU Defence Presence
Dr Andrew Black, May 2016