Brexit: The Endgame?

3rd December 2018

After the publication of the proposed Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration, the Prime Minister claimed that the Brexit negotiations were in the “endgame”. The vagueness of the Political Declaration about the future relations between the EU and the UK make this a doubtful claim at best, and Mrs May’s grasp on power is far from assured. There seems moreover no majority for the Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons.


Dr Andrew Black, Global Policy Institute
Author of Hard Brexit: Passport to Nowhere for British Services

Anita Pollack, former MEP (1989 – 1999); Author of “New Labour in Europe: Leadership and Lost Opportunities” and “Wreckers or Builders? A history of Labour Members of the European Parliament 1979 – 99”

Dr Andrew Blick, Senior Lecturer in Politics and Contemporary History; Director of the Centre for British Politics and Government,  King’s College London

Chaired by:
Brendan Donnelly, Director, The Federal Trust

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