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The Federal Trust’s European Newsletter monitors and analyses developments in the European Union. It offers a UK perspective of these developments and, through guest commentaries, provides a forum for differing views on the debate. Back issues since 2003 are available at the bottom of this page.


  • May 2008. With an article by Paul James Cardwell:The Lisbon Treaty: Institutional Issues for CFSP
  • April 2008. With an article by Tony Brown:The Lisbon Treaty Referendum in Ireland
  • February 2008. With an article by Jonathan ChurchThe British and JHA: Semi-detached or semi-attached?
  • May 2007.With articles by: Brendan Donnelly; Many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip; John Palmer: The EU Treaty and prospects for institutional reform; Alain Lamassoure: Que L’Europe devienne politique?; Massimo D’Alema, Gianni Bonvicini & Gian Luigi Tosato: Italian Perspectives on the EU Constitutional Treaty; Jonathan Church: European scrutiny in Westminster: At the discretion of the Executive? Brendan Donnelly: The Commission’s Annual Policy Strategy: Its role in 2008.
  • Autumn 2006. With articles by:Brendan Donnelly; Mr. Brown comes to Brussels; George Irvin: Eurozone Governance: Time to act! Joana Cruz: What prospects for a European energy policy?
  • July/ August 2006. With articles by: Brendan Donnelly: Editorial: Where next for the Constitutional Treaty?; Graham Bishop:The political implications flowing from consolidated supervision of financial institutions; Markus Wagner: The Long Goodbye: The Conservatives and the EPP-ED; Joana Cruz: CFSP: A European Rapid Reaction Force in Lebanon?; Markus Wagner: The EU and the Constitutional Treaty: still reflecting?
  • May/June 2006. With articles by:Nick Clegg MP: The European Parliament and the European Political Space; Stephen Day and Jo Shaw: The developing status of the European Political Parties.
  • March/April 2006. With commentaries by: Dr Karen E. Smith: Whither the CFSP after the demise of the Constitution?; Hans-Jörg Trenz/ Regina Vetters: No News from Brussels: Comment on the Commission’s White Paper on a European Communication Policy;Katharina Gnath: The Services Directive has passed the European Parliament: Business as usual?; Markus Wagner: The Constitution: Ratification goes ahead
  • January 2006. With commentaries by:Richard Whitman: The UK’s six months at the EU’s helm: A triumph of substance over style?; Jo Shaw: Transparency in the Council of Ministers; Jacob Hoeksma: Beyond the Constitution; Markus Wagner: Where next for the Constitution in 2006?
  • December 2005. With an article on the EU’s role in the current WTO negotiations by Alexis Krachai entitled ‘Hong Kong: the EU’s urgent past’
  • November 2005. With two articles on the debate about globalisation and the future of the ‘European Social Model’: ‘The question of “Social Europe” the background of the debate’; Katharina Gnath, The Federal Trust’The demands of globalisation on “Social Europe” revisited’; Dr Bob Hancké, London School of Economics and Katharina Gnath, The Federal Trust
  • October 2005. With a commentary on the start of the EU’s accession negotiations with Turkey:”The EU and Turkey – the start of a new relationship?” by David Barchard
  • September 2005.With a commentary on the EU’s response to terrorism:”After 7/7: Counter-terrorism in the EU”, Dr Eric Metcalfe, Barrister and Director of Human Rights Policy, JUSTICE
  • July 2005. SPECIAL ISSUE With a country report on Luxembourg and commentaries by: Jo Shaw:After the referendums: Change or continuity in the legal and constitutional orders of the EU?; Julie Smith:Why Europe’s leaders must listen to their citizens; Erik O. Eriksen, Agustín J. Menéndez, Anne Elizabeth Stie and Hans-Jörg Trenz:The troubled re-politicization of Europe; Brendan Donnelly: The wrong answer and the wrong question
  • June 2005. With country reports on France and Netherlands
  • May 2005. With country reports on Poland and France
  • April 2005. With country reports on Sweden and Malta
  • March 2005. With country reports on Netherlands and Portugal
  • February 2005.With country reports on Spain and Denmark
  • January 2005. With country reports on Slovenia and Greece
  • December 2004. With country reports on Germany and Italy
  • November 2004. With country reports on Belgium and Czech Republic
  • October 2004. With country reports on Spain and Finland
  • September 2004. With country reports on France and AustrEU Constitution Project NewsletterThe EU Constitution Project Newsletter monitored the process leading to the agreement on the EU Constitution through the Convention on the Future of Europe and the following Intergovernmental Conference. All issues can be downloaded below:

    Volume 2

  • Issue no.1 January 2004
  • Issue no.2 February 2004
  • Issue no. 3 March 2004
  • Issue no. 4 April 2004
  • Issue no. 5 May 2004
  • Issue no. 6 May 2004
  • Issue no. 7 June 2004

    Volume 1

  • Issue no.1 April 2003
  • Issue no.2 May 2003
  • Issue no.3 June 2003
  • Issue no.4 July 2003
  • Issue no.5 September 2003
  • Issue no.6 October 2003
  • Issue no.7 November 2003
  • Issue no.8 December 2003