31st March 2010 – 2.15 – 5.30pm

31 Jewry Street

European Alternatives and supported by the European Parliament, chaired by Brendan Donnelly, Federal Trust


Andrew Duff, MEP

Dr Henning Meyer, London Metropolitan University

John Palmer, Federal Trust

Niccolo Milanese, European Alternatives

Seble Woldeghioeghis, March 1st Migrant Strike Italy

Nadia Lamarkbi, March 1st Migrant Strike France

Political parties are in a crisis of membership in many European countriues, just at a time when European political parties are trying tio establish themselves. What is the future for political parties in Europe?

Can European parties seize the chance to define a new kind of party, better suited to contemporary forms of political engagement which often take place outside traditional ‘formal’ political institutions.