image_1413982295Left to right: Eddie Bone, Stephen Haseler, Andrew Blick, Gerald Holtham, Brendan Donnelly

The United Kingdom: All Change after the Scottish Referendum?

21 October 2014

“The Vow” to devolve more powers to Scotland, made by the leaders of the three main political parties in Westminster at the end of the Scottish referendum campaign, has sparked vigorous debate about the future constitutional structure of the United Kingdom, and in particular about devolution in England. Speakers at this event offered a wide range of views and analyses on the many ideas for restructuring the Union now being discussed, on topics such as an English Parliament, a British Constitutional Convention, a written constitution for the United Kingdom and “English votes for English Laws.”


Eddie Bone, Campaign Director, Campaign for an English Parliament

Professor Gerald Holtham, former Chair of the Independent Commission on Funding and Finance for Wales, and Honorary Professor at Cardiff Business School

Dr Andrew Blick, Lecturer in Politics and Contemporary British History, King’s College London

Brendan Donnelly, Director, The Federal Trust for Education & Research

The event was chaired by Professor Stephen Haseler, Director, Global Policy Institute