The Europe Dilemma – Britain and the Drama of EU integration

20th May 2014

Lord (Roger) Liddle discusses his recently published book, which critically explores Britain’s chequered history with Europe and the critical choices that burden past, present and future governments.

The Europe Dilemma: Britain and the Drama of EU Integration, revisits an old argument for dramatically new times. The old argument is about Britain’s ‘semi-detachedness’ from Europe and whether that posture could ever change. The new times are the crisis in the Eurozone and its wider impact on the European Union’s future. While logic may point to deeper integration, the politics associated with the EU’s problems make this a significant and possibly insurmountable challenge. Where should Britain stand? What future should Britain want for the EU? And how important is continued membership of the EU for Britain’s future?

Calling for an alternative and bolder British EU agenda, Lord Liddle makes a powerful case about how the UK can still play a positive and constructive role in the future of Europe.