The Federal Trust is a research institute studying the interactions between regional, national, European and global levels of government. Founded in 1945 on the initiative of Sir William Beveridge, it has long made a powerful contribution to the study of federalism and federal systems. It has always had a particular interest in the European Union and Britain’s place in it.

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Brexit: Can Parliament Take Control?
by Brendan Donnelly, 16th January 2019

Brexit: A national government or “no deal”
by Brendan Donnelly, 18th December 2018

Theresa May on the psychiatrist’s couch
by Ira Straus, 11th December 2018

No Deal, no Brexit, or May’s Brexit
by Ira Straus, 7th December 2018

Exiting Brexit: The Possibilities
by Dr Andrew Blick, 4th December 2018

Blame Brexit, not Theresa May
by Brendan Donnelly, 28th November 2018

Brexit: The Beginning of the End?
by Brendan Donnelly, 16th November 2018

Hostages to Fortune: The unravelling of the Brexit prospectus
by Dr Andrew Blick, 16th November 2018

Hard Brexit: Passport to Nowhere for British Services
by Dr Andrew Black, October 2018

Brexit: The Political Declaration must be vague and precise at the same time
by Brendan Donnelly, 11th October 2018

Brexit: Salzburg makes a People’s Vote more likely
by Brendan Donnelly, 24th September 2018

Brexit: The Conservative centre cannot hold
by Brendan Donnelly, 27th August 2018

Mrs May has no choice but to obey Jacob Rees-Mogg
by Brendan, Donnelly, 18th July 2018

Brexit: Heading to a Deal or No Deal While UK Politics Implodes?
by Kirsty Hughes,18th July 2018

Devolution, Federalism and the UK Constitution: Lessons and implications of the Brexit process
by Dr Andrew Blick , June 2018

Brexit: Irish realism meets British wishful thinking
by Brendan Donnelly, 22nd May 2018

Brexit: A “meaningful” vote for MPs implies a “meaningful” vote for the people
by Brendan Donnelly, 18th May 2018

Brexit: Anything could happen in the next half year
by Brendan Donnelly, 23rd April 2018

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