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In this section we will make available articles written by associates of the Federal Trust, such as our Council members, and which we believe will be of interest to our followers. The views expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Federal Trust.

Can the coup be stopped?
by Ira Straus, 20th September 2019

Yes, it is a coup, but of a different sort
by Ira Straus, 17th September 2019

Federalism, Parliament, Religion and MonarchyComparing Prorogation in the 17th Century with Prorogation in the 21st Century
by Dr Andrew Black, 13th September 2019

A rolling coup, 2016 – 2019
by Ira Straus, 4th September 2019

The Freud Papers
by Ira Straus
Chair, Center for War-Peace Studies

Comment on “Brexit – By Royal Appointment?”
by Professor Sam Whimster, 22nd July 2019

The real center of gravity after the European elections
by Ira Straus, 5th June 2019

An industrial strategy for Europe
by David Gow, 29th May 2019

The Future of Europe: Disruption, Continuity and Change
Report by the Scottish Centre on European Relations, 6th May 2019

Climate Change and Brexit
by Dr Hywel Ceri Jones, 8th May 2019

Macron and Rutte: Intergovernmentalism 2.0
by Dr Leo Klinkers, 8th May 2019

Parliament risks failing out for want of an adequate voting procedure
by Ira Straus, 3rd April 2019

Where next with Parliament’s voting procedures on the multiple options?
by Ira Straus, 28th March 2019

The meaning of Theresa May’s one legitimate Red Line
by Ira Straus, 22nd March 2019

The Commons trapped by blackmail on all sides
by Ira Straus, 26th February 2019

Brexit, Scottish Independence and Leaving a Union – Lessons to Learn?
by Dr Kirsty Hughes, 22nd February 2019

Forward or Backward Steps for the UK?
by Dr Hywel Ceri Jones, 11th February 2019

“Do we want a Referendum on the Common Market?”
by Andrew Duff, 28th January 2019

The EU Must Reform the Eurozone
by David Gow, 15th January 2019

The Way Forward on Brexit
by Dr Hywel Ceri Jones, January 2019

A Letter to the British Friends on Brexit
by P. Kamil Rosiak, December 2018

Which “colonial master” would Mr Johnson prefer, Europe or America?
by Ira Straus, 17th December 2018

A way out of the Brexit chaos? Parliament should install a national government
by Professor Iain Begg, 12th December 2018

Theresa May on the Couch
by Ira Straus, 11th December 2018

No Deal, no Brexit, or May’s Brexit
by Ira Straus, 7th December 2018

Churchill – a `founding father’ of the European Union – would vote to Remain
by Graham Bishop, 17th September 2018

A Paler Shade of Grey? It is hard to see how any in-between version of Brexit can prevail
by Iain Begg, 3rd August 2018

Sturgeon’s strategic passivity
by David Gow, 31 July 2018

Plus ça change… the Commission’s budget proposals for 2021-27
By Iain Begg, July 2018

Brexit and South Asians
by Nicolas Maclean, 18th July 2018

Education and Research – the future at risk
by Hywel Ceri Jones, 5th July 2018

Brexit and Devolution: A New UK Settlement or the Break-Up of Britain? (pdf file)
by David Gow, May 2018

Brexit has the semblance of a new English Civil War
by Professor Stefan Collignon, 9th March 2018

EU capital market union positions to deliver financial services post-Brexit
by Bob Savic, 13th April 2018

The Austrian Presidency could derail the EU’s plans ahead of the 2019 changeover
by David Gow, 3rd April 2018

Brexit’s impact on the UK economy is more akin to slow strangulation than sudden shock
by Bob Savic, 6th March 2018

Mrs May’s Mansion House Speech – The Irish Dimension
by John Bruton, 4th March 2018

Free Movement and Migration
by Dr Hywel Ceri Jones, 9th February 2018

NHS Scotland should look to EU for funding models
by David Gow, 12th January 2018

Corbyn Should Stop The UK’s Drift Out Of The EU
by John Palmer, 10th January 2018

Fixing the Exit Date: A Terrible Gamble
(link to download pdf file on external website)
by Joseph Egerton, 13th November 2017

Celebrating 30 years of the Erasmus programme
by Dr Hywel Ceri Jones, 24th October 2017

Citizenship and Free Movement in a Changing EU: Navigating an Archipelago of Contradictions
by Professor Jo Shaw, 13th October 2017

Speech after being presented the International Award for Vision and Leadership by the European Association for International Education
by Dr Hywel Ceri Jones, September 2017

The Financial and Economic Implications of Brexit
by Sir Brian Unwin KCB, 8th September 2017

Needed: a politician who dares to question whether Brexit still makes sense
by Professor Iain Begg, 14th July 2017

EU Referendum: one year on – foreign policy
by Professor Richard Whitman, 30th June 2017

by Dr Hywel Ceri Jones CMG, 28th June 2017

Brexit, the UK & the EU
by Sir Brian Unwin KCB, 19th June 2017

What now? Options for Brexit – And a cry for help
by Andrew Duff, 15th June 2017

New Fault lines in Europe…..the political consequences of Brexit
Grattan Lecture delivered  by John Bruton, former Irish Taoiseach, 12th June 2017

The UK Brexit campaign is starting to fracture
by John Palmer, 12th June 2017

Citizenship under attack – Some parallels between Weimar Germany and Brexit Britain
by Professor Sam Whimster, 9th June 2017

The quintessentially democratic act? Democracy, political community and citizenship in and after the UK’s EU referendum of June 2016
by Professor Jo Shaw, 19th May 2017

Branxiety – the new affliction on the Brexit block
by Catherine Stewart, 21 May 2017

Testimony by John Bruton, at the Seanad Special Select Committee on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union
by John Bruton, 27th April 2017

Brexit: Après May, le déluge
by Andrew Duff, 12th April 2017

Resolution Capital: A Doomsday Machine for Europe’s Banks?
by Graham Bishop, 20th March 2017

The Commission’s White Paper on the Future of Europe – a case of what might have been…
by Iain Begg, 8th March 2017

Northern Ireland Elections: Warning Light For May’s Brexit Plans
by John Palmer, 8th March 2017

Trump’s New World Order: Brexit and Europe in a world turned upside down (pdf file)
by Professor Stephen Haseler, 16th February 2017

Trump ‘s ‘America First’ Strategy: Europe and Brexit in a World of Blocs
by Professor Stephen Haseler, 9th February 2017

Euro “clearing”: Liability and Location
by Graham Bishop, 16th January 2017

Trump and NATO: Opportunities and Dangers
by Ira Straus, November 2016

Brexit: Final Judgement Is Key, Comrade Corbyn
by John Palmer, 6 January 2017

Brexit: a lead from the Lords
by Andrew Duff, 20th December 2016

Global Britain means global Britain
by Professor Richard Whitman, December 2016

Some faint light on some dark places – The challenges in finalising UK Brexit strategy
by John Palmer, December 2016

Building the Brexit machine: will the hardware match the software?
by Professor Richard Whitman, November 2016

There is a gaping hole where Britain’s foreign policy should be
by Professor Richard Whitman, November 2016

Does Brexit mean Brexit?
by Sir Brian Unwin, November 2016

What will Brexit mean for Wales?
by Dr Hywel Ceri Jones, November 2016

On a road to nowhere? Brexit and the future for the UK’s diplomacy
by Professor Richard Whitman, October 2016

An insider’s history of how Erasmus developed
by Dr Hywel Ceri Jones, October 2016

The EEA: a safe harbour in the Brexit storm
by Professor Richard Whitman, 27th June 2016