Professor Stephen Haseler RIP

Professor Stephen Haseler

9/1/1942 – 20/7/2017



The Federal Trust is deeply saddened to have lost one of its most distinguished members through the sudden death of Professor Stephen Haseler, a member of the Trust’s Council and Director of the Global Policy Institute. For all of us at the Trust he leaves a gap, both personally and intellectually, that can never be filled.

Stephen Haseler occupied a rare and valued place in British public life as an unashamed controversialist whose views were always underpinned by academic rigour and deep reflection. As a writer and broadcaster his concern was always to present his audience with the real political and social choices that he believed confronted them. These choices, in Stephen’s view, rarely corresponded to the traditional party divisions of British politics. The clarity and good humour with which Stephen presented his ideas ensured that he had friends and admirers on all parts of the British political spectrum.

Stephen had been greatly encouraged in past weeks by recent developments in the Brexit debate. He hoped and believed that opposition to British withdrawal from the European Union would be an occasion for the realignment of British politics which he had long advocated. Those of us who attended the Federal Trust’s AGM a few days before his death will have an abiding memory of his robust and invigorating contribution to our debate on the European issue. The Trust has been exceptionally lucky in recent years to have benefitted from Stephen’s defining participation in our activities. The Trust’s work in future years will be encouraged and reinforced by his memory.

A memorial event will be held in the autumn to celebrate Stephen’s life, including contributions from the Federal Trust and other academic organizations with which Stephen was associated.  Details will be posted on the Federal Trust’s website and newsletter. Nobody who knew Stephen could doubt the central and inspiring role in his life played by his wife Bay. The Federal Trust sends her its condolences and best wishes.


Brendan Donnelly
Director, The Federal Trust
July 2017


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2 thoughts on “Professor Stephen Haseler RIP”

  1. A fine tribute. I would add that Stephen had a generous character and very hospitable nature. He was very helpful to me prior to a first trip to the US in 1976 when he gave me some valuable introductions and on later visits when he was working there.
    He will be much missed.

  2. So very saddened to hear of the death of Professor Stephen Haseler. As my former PhD supervisor, he was both an inspiration and a positive influence over my intellectual development. With no respect for traditional authority, he embodied a rare combination of radical liberalism with a commitment to social equality. I extend my condolences to Bey and Stephen’s family. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

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