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Brexit: Irish realism meets British wishful thinking
by Brendan Donnelly, 22nd May 2018

Brexit: A “meaningful” vote for MPs implies a “meaningful” vote for the people
by Brendan Donnelly, 18th May 2018

Brexit: Anything could happen in the next half year
by Brendan Donnelly, 23rd April 2018

Labour’s Brexit Options: Starmer’s Step in the Right Direction
by Brendan Donnelly, 27th March 2018

Brexit and the Withdrawal Bill: a multi-player game?
by Dr Andrew Blick, 14th March 2018

Is Brexit worth it, Prime Minister?
by Brendan Donnelly, 3rd March 2018

Mrs May’s Mansion House Speech – The Irish Dimension
by John Bruton, 4th March 2018

Brexit is a blank sheet of paper that can never be filled in
by Brendan Donnelly, 19th December 2017

Ulster and Brexit: The shape of things to come
by Brendan Donnelly, 5th December 2017

Hard Brexit and the regions
by Dr Andrew Black, 1st December 2017



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